Which Country’s Flag Is This? A Travel Quiz!

a travelling quiz


Officially there are 195 countries in the world today! A vast planet earth waiting to be discover. Each countries bear different flags with a different meaning and stories. If you are planning on traveling around the world, you have to know the flag that the country belongs to! Kokonutlist have published the first Travel Quiz for Beginners , should you pass that test, lets move on to identifying flags of the world, here we go!


Question #1:

quiz on flags
IRELAND Flag: bratach na hÉireann. The Green color on the flag represents the native people of Ireland (most of whom are Roman Catholic). The Orange color represents the British supporters of William of Orange who settled in Northern Ireland in the 17th century (most of whom are Protestant). The White in the center of the flag represents peace between these two groups of people.

Question #2:

flags of africa
KENYA Flag: Bendera ya Kenya. Black represents the people of the Republic of Kenya, Red for the blood shed during the fight for independence and Green for the country's landscape and natural wealth.The Black, Red, and White traditional Maasai shield and two spears symbolise the defense of all the things mentioned above.

Question #3:

SRI LANKA Flag: Lion Flag or Sinha Flag. A Gold lion holding a kastane sword in its right fore-paw in a Maroon background with 4 Gold bo leaves in each corner. 4 Bo leaves are Buddhist symbols and the sword is said to represent authority. The Green represents Muslims, while the Orange represents Hindus.

Question #4:

USA Flag: Old Glory. Consisting of 50 white stars on a blue canton with a field of 13 alternating stripes, 7 red and 6 white. The 50 stars stand for the 50 states of the union, and the 13 stripes stand for the original 13 states. White signifies purity and innocence, Red hardiness and valour, and Blue, the color of the Chief  signifies vigilance, perseverance and justice.

Question #5:

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ITALY Flag: Bandiera d'Italia, The Green represents the country's plains and the hills, White, the snow-capped Alps, and Red, blood spilt in the Wars of Italian Independence and Unification.

Question #6:

flags of scandinavia
NORWAY Flag: Norges flagg. The oldest flag in the world with Red with an indigo blue Scandinavian cross fimbriated in white. White, Red and Blue, represent peace, strength and loyalty.

Question #7:

test knowledge on flags
JAPAN Flag: Hinomaru (日の丸, the "circle of the sun"). The crimson red color of the symbolic sun is said to represent a prosperous future for Japan. The white background color symbolizes the purity, honesty, and integrity of the people of Japan.

Question #8:

quiz on country flags
The BAHAMAS Flag: The Gold alludes the shining sun as well as other key land-based natural resources, Aquamarine epitomises the water surrounding the country. The Black symbolises the strength, vigour and force of the Bahamian people.

Question #9:

MOROCCO Flag: :علم المغرب .The Red background on the Moroccan flag represents hardiness, bravery, strength and valour, while the Green represents love, joy, wisdom, peace and hope, it also represents the color of Islam and the pentagram the Seal of Sulayman (Solomon).

Question #10:

flag of south american countries
CHILE Flag: La Estrella Solitaria. The Blue square in the canton region of the flag represents the sky, the White stripe represents the snow of the Andes mountains, and the Red symbolizes the blood that was spilled fighting for freedom.

Question #11:

commonwealth cpuntries flag
NEW ZEALAND Flag: New Zealand Ensign. A Blue field with the Union Jack in the canton, and four Red stars with White borders to the right. The stars' pattern represents the asterism within the constellation of Crux Australis, the Southern Cross. The color Blue represents the sky and the sea.

Question #12:

flags of countries
CANADA Flag: The Maple Leaf, l'Unifolié. The maple leaf had been a national symbol since at least 1868, and its Red colour has been described as a symbol of Canadian sacrifice during World War I.

Question #13:

flags of southeast asia
MALAYSIA Flag: Jalur Gemilang ("Stripes of Glory"). Red signifies strength, bravery and courage in facing challenges and White stand for equal status in the federation of the member states and the federal government. Dark blue canton represents the unity and harmony of the peoples of Malaysia. Yellow of the star and crescent is the royal colour of the Malay rulers and Islam as its official religion.

Question #14:

BAHRAIN Flag: علم البحرين‎: Consists of a white band on the left, separated from a red area on the right by five triangles that serve as a serrated line. The five white triangles symbolize the 5 pillars of Islam.

Question #15:

THE NETHERLANDS Flag: The Dutch flag is composed of a red-white-blue tricolor and it is also known as "The Prince's Flag"

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