Hiking in Bukit Gasing

Bukit Gasing TRAILS

the trails of bukit gasing


It is one of the famous hiking trail located in Petaling Jaya or PJ, Klang Valley. This small green dot in the heart of PJ used to be a rubber plantation. It was left idle for 50 years and taken over by the natural rainforest as how it is now. Sadly, it is being threatened by the overdevelopment of greater Kuala Lumpur. But the locals managed to maintain it and keep it clean and organized.

trail in bukit gasing

So how to get HERE?

You will find this place in google map named as ‘Hutan Pendidikan Bukit Gasing’. Accessible from the Federal Highway, Bukit Gasing exit. The parking area is near the playground. But as it is always full especially on weekend, you can park along the street as long as you do do not block any road, car or house. There is no entrance fee for Bukit Gasing. It is advisable to go early morning like 7 AM to avoid the crowd and heat from the sun.


the hiking trails in bukit gasing


The trail split into two few meters after the entrance, one goes up directly and the other one is along the small stream. The sound of birds chirping and the morning sun shining will leave you in awe for a while. The stream is also home to some Japanese Carps.

The starting trail will not be that hard, but going deeper it gets tougher as you need to climb the hill more. There are also stairs that you need to take to go up, and it is very steep. During this climb, you will see some monkeys roaming around if you are lucky. The trail later becomes a little bit flat. This part is more comfortable, but not for long. After a few meters, the trail goes up again and this time without the stairs. Climb up carefully so to avoid slipping. At this part of the hill, the heat from the sunlight is stronger.


hiking in bukit gasing

After a few meters, you will bump into the first suspension bridge of Bukit Gasing made of wood, across a small stream down below. It will sway a little bit, and you are advised to keep a distance of 5 meters from the person in front, for the right balance. This bridge will lead you to continue the narrow trail to the top.

A big flat rock will welcome you at the top of Gasing Hill. There is a platform made of steel, rusted, act as a viewing point. It is a great place to stop for a while, expose yourself to the morning sun and enjoy the view of the rainforest, also the city of Kuala Lumpur.


suspension bridge malaysia

The trail down to the other side will lead you to the Kerinchi Park, as the other side of the hill is already Bukit Kerinchi, under Kuala Lumpur City Council. You can see the development encroaching on this side. This park is equipped with benches facing a small lake and streams. Perfect for some light breakfast and coffee. It also provides camping area for those who are interested.

A few minutes walk from here is the second suspension bridge, made of steel. At the end of the bridge, is a wooden stairs path, and it will take you above a small stream and jogging area. It marks the end of Kerinchi Park.


hiking trails in malaysia

To go back to Bukit Gasing starting point, the Laluan Denai is the best. The trail is relaxing, with benches for u to sit and enjoy the calming sound of the forest. It is a wooden trail at first and afterward, it started to get hilly with stairs.

It then split again into two, both lead to the entrance point. The difference is, the first set consists of very steep stairs and another one is a little hilly but without the stairs. The latter is more accessible but longer than the other one, it is steep but faster.


trails in petaling jaya

Along the trail, you can see a lot of faunas, including wild fruits and flowers. You are not allowed to pluck and pick anything here, just leave it at its habitat. The trail will go further up and then it will start to descend. It will take around half an hour to reach back to the starting point. Bukit Gasing is generally easier than Bukit Tabur. But in any hiking experience, nature will always give us positive energy and carve a smile on our face.


view of kuala lumpur from bukit gasing

Important things to NOTE

Do start with a warm-up exercise, you need it to avoid having cramps while climbing up the hill. There will be a small area for warming up before the trail started. Use it well. If you have a walking stick, it will help to balance yourself while climbing up. Good Luck.