Hiking in Bukit Tabur

Bukit Tabur EAST

It is located in Melawati and part of the Klang Gates Quartz Ridge, the largest and longest quartz ridge in the whole world! In the form of a backbone, it measures 14 KM in length and about 200M wide. It is also part of Selangor state’s Gombak forest reserve protected area, which is now threatened by the rapid development of Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley in general.


the hiking to tabur east

So how to get HERE?

To reach Bukit Tabur east, set your GPS to Jalan Tropika Kemensah. You will pass by Zoo Negara first. Once you reach the construction site of Tropika Kemensah, find a place to park along the road and inform the guard. It is said that now you need to get a permit for Selangor Forestry Department to hike Bukit Tabur and entrance fee of RM5 will be imposed. But there is usually no one at the foot of the hill on this side as they are located at Bukit Tabur West for you to reach them, permit matters.


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The hike starts from here leaving the red dirt and into a farm, a fruit farm to be exact. There are rambutan and mangosteen trees here. The view is fantastic with the green grass field facing the city of Kuala Lumpur. The hike continues and it gets steeper. Usually, if you start hiking at 8 AM, by this time there will be hikers coming down from the hill. They started climbing around 6 AM or 7 AM. The trail then leads into the forest, climbing up. It gets steeper and steeper towards the ridge.

Along the way up, the pioneer hikers put motivational signs to boost the spirit of other hikers to continue climbing up. It is exciting and makes the hiking so much fun. The trail leading to the intersection between Tabur Far East, Extra and Extreme are the steepest. You will need to climb on moldy rocks and hang on to the hanging branches. Thus, do wear the right shoes that have a firm grip as the rock and trail can be slippery at times, especially in rainy seasons. If possible, avoid hiking Tabur in the rainy season.


the intersection of bukit tabur

For the Far East, the climb at first was not as steep as before the intersection. As you go up towards the top ridge the trail became rocky, narrower and steeper. As for the Extreme / Extra direction, the trail is less steep but long as you have to go round and round the hill, you will need more stamina for this.

Continuing to the Far East, you will see a stiff cliff before the top of Tabur East. The hillside here is steep, so be very careful to avoid slipping. It is safe to climb to the top-ridge but do it carefully and it all shall be fine. Some of the pioneer hikers put ropes here to help people climb this rock.


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On top of the first rock, is another steep rock. To go to the top, you will need to climb this one as well. The area between the lower and the top rock is narrow and flat and only enough for 2 to 3 people to stand. Do not rush and make sure you come in a group if you are newbies. It is easier to guide and navigate while climbing with extra pairs of eyes. Do wear gloves if possible as it will help with the grip and avoid cutting your hand.

Once you are at the top, you will be amazed by the view especially the Klang Gates Dam. You can see the whole area of the dam and Titiwangsa Quartz Ridge from the peak of Bukit Tabur East. With the luscious green view of Gombak forest reserve and Selangor State Park at the back with the view of Kuala Lumpur City in the front, it is mesmerizing.


the top of bukit tabur

The sounds of monkeys and birds just add a more authentic reason to hike Bukit Tabur and the Gombak rainforests in general. With this view, all the sweats and tiredness will be worth it. Let’s hope Gombak Forest Reserve and the whole Klang Gates Quartz Ridge will be well preserved for the sake of our future generations, a legacy. The EKVE elevated highway that will be built crossing this area will for sure put the whole ecosystem in jeopardize. I hope the Selangor Government will take serious precautions to save our most valuable and irreplaceable asset.


tracking on malaysian hill

Going down the rocky peak of Tabur east need more attention as you are required to be careful about where you step. When you reach down to where you start, the motivational signboard ‘Well Done!’ will greet you. Which means you have managed and successfully conquered the peak of Tabur East, the most extended Quartz Ridge in the world!


The peak of bukit tabur
Important things to NOTE:

Apart from comfortable shoes and gloves, warm up is necessary for hiking, so you will not feel too tired or ‘pancit’ in our local language. It also to avoid legs cramp and sore around the thigh area. Hence, do your warmup for at least 10 minutes before start hiking. Good Luck!