5 Spots With Breathtaking View in Andorra!

Benvinguts a l’Andorra!

Vallnord in Arinsal

A landlocked country between Spain and France famous for its duty-free status, ski resorts and tax haven. Little that we know that it is also one of the most beautiful places in summer and spring, especially for hiking and camping lovers. Tucked between the Pyrenees mountains, it offers some of the most breathtaking views with green fields, wildflowers, and horses roaming around. Kokonutlist had a little trip to this tiny country with the majority of Catalan speakers, and below is 5 spots with the most breathtaking view in Andorra!

5) Itinerari de Natura Trails, Canillo-Soldeu

Trails in Canillo

When you first cross the border into Andorra from France side, you will see these 2 cities before reaching Andorra La Vella, the center. The town of Canillo and Soldeu is connected with a trail that favorites among the locals and it is located in the roundabout of L’aldosa de Canillo. With the elevation of 1,640M above sea level, the trails along the river (riu Valira d’orient) in spring and summer is just mesmerizing. With wildflowers and mushrooms of various colors spread along the trails, it makes you feel like you are in Wonderland! This combines with the soothing sound of the river flowing calmly, you have no reason to not do the hiking!.

4) Lake Engolasters, Encamp

A lake in andorra
Lake Engolasters

Located in the rapidly growing city of Encamp, it is elevated at 1610M high. Pine trees fill this area with small waterfalls and streams flowing through it. The highlight of the track is the Engolasters lake. It is a perfect spot for a picnic or a quiet stroll with your loved ones!. The crystal clear lake water will keep your feet glued to this place. Pine cones and wild mushroom is everywhere with sounds of birds chirping. Taking a walk in the pine forest here gives you peace and tranquility.

3) Pal-Arinsal, La Massana

small town of andorra
Town of Pal

Vallnord, a popular spot for mountain sports such as biking and go-kart is located here in Pal-Arinsal, a cable car served from the center of La Massana city to the peak of Pal-Arinsal. Despite all the fun activities that are offered here, the view itself is majestic. From the top of the mountain, you can see the endless green landscape of the Pyrenees facing the small town of Pal and Arinsal with classic Catalan architecture and style. It makes you want to set up a camp and live here! The smell of the green grass slowly grazes by a herd of sheep, plus the fresh air around, a perfect weather. It clean your lung!

2) Roc Del Quer, Canillo

andorra in summer
View from Roc Del Quer

Most people will say to you that this is the best place for unforgettable views of The Pyrenees of Andorra. Well, they aren’t wrong. For us, this place holds the second best view in this small piece of land. Elevated at 1930M, mirador Roc Del Quer offered a magnificent view of the valleys of Montaup and Valira d’Orient from a mid-air suspended platform!. You can see the town of Soldeu, Canillo and Encamp divided by mountains and super green fields from here! there is no need for a drone to capture this amazing spectacular view. Roaming between this valley is cows and horses with bells that can be heard from the viewpoint! Also can be seen is the Basilica of Our Lady of Meritxell which is the main spot for Meritxell Day celebration in Andorra. Oh, and they have a statue called the Ponderer that sit and look over this valley as well.

1)  Arcalis, Ordino

ordino arcalis in andorra

The number one spot for the most breathtaking view for Kokonutlist is Arcalis located in Ordino!. It is the hotspot for ski during winter. In summer and spring, this place turned to rolls of green carpet. With the small streams flowing through the mountains, colorful wildflowers and stud of high altitude horses roaming around, it makes you feel like you are in Hobbitland, The Shire and Rivendell from Lord of The Ring! The route here is perfect for cycling, Arcalis is probably Andorra’s best-known cycling climb, having featured numerous times in Le Tour de France, Vuelta a España and Volta a Catalunya! Its highest point is elevated at 2625M, how about that, it makes you feel you are on top of the world here. It holds the most exceptional view in Andorra, a small piece of heaven on earth.

Well, there you go, these 5 spots will be the reason for you to start packing your bag and make your way to Andorra!. Summer and Spring are between April to September and the first snow usually falls in December!. Hotels, hostels, aparthotel, guesthouses, and Airbnb choices are abundant depending on your budget!.

Few things to note before coming to Andorra. This tiny country has no commercial airports, the nearest ones are Barcelona in Spain and Toulouse in France and they are connected by Bus to Andorra main cities such as Andorra La Vella, Sant Julia, Canillo, La Massana and Encamp. The roads are well maintained, so traveling by car here is the best way to experience it. This country is not in Schengen Area, but a visa stamp by Schengen countries is well accepted. The people speak mostly Catalan, Spanish and French with a little English. The currency used is Euro and the branded items, tobacco and alcohol are duty-free!. So Bon Voyage!