5 Malaysia’s Hidden Gems That Will Leave You in Awe

In support of the 3C program (Conservation, Community and Culture) by HUGS Project founded by Laili Basir, Kokonutlist will publish a series of 5 articles on 5 hidden destinations for those who are looking to travel with a cause! The first hidden gems have been published, Pulau Banggi and Tun Mustapha Marine Park is an exciting destination for those who love to explore mysterious islands! If that is not enough for your adventurous soul, we present you the second hidden gems, Lubuk Yu!

1) Pulau Banggi

2) Lubuk Yu

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Lubuk Yu Eco Park

Tucked in deeper Kuala Sentul, Maran in the state of Pahang of Peninsular Malaysia, it is not for those who want a ‘cozy hotel’. A simple trekking is required to reach this magical place. Lubuk Yu Rimba Eco-Park is part of Gunung Berantai reserve. It is home to crystal clear rivers and waterfalls, with some of it only appears during the monsoon season! How beautiful is that? The dense rainforests surrounding it add the authenticity to this magnificent spot.

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Jempul River in Lubuk Yu

It was not always the case as Lubuk Yu has received some negative coverage due to several incidents that occurred here. However, with the help and dedication of HUGS Project, this place has slowly gained positive attention. With the collaboration of Hammockers Malaysia and Pahang Forestry, annual trekking and camping events have been held here. These events have helped to boom the eco-tourism industry in this region.

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Lubuk Yu Eco Park

Organized by HUGS’ team, it has exposed the real value of this place. Peace and serenity awaited those who spend time here, something that is priceless. The annual events called Lubuk Yu Hammock Camp and Caravan Camping offers participants to spend a few nights here in their hammocks and camps.

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Tree Climbing, 2016

Besides admiring the beauty of nature, the camping and gathering sessions give the opportunities to participants to share experiences. On top of that, they are encouraged to join outdoor activities such as tree climbing, jungle trekking, and flying fox. It is an ideal event for adventure seekers! The most exciting part of this event is the survival camp. It is where crucial survival tips in the jungle are shared among the participants. This year, the survival session was carried out by Pendekar Rimba. In 2015, swim and save session were held to teach participants on swimming and rescuing tips.

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Survival Tips Session by Pendekar Rimba, 2018

HUGS project has been working hard since 2010 in Lubuk Yu to promote eco-tourism and indirectly supporting the economy of the locals. Although they faced difficulties in the beginning, they have successfully held the annual events with the strong support of the public especially Hammockers Malaysia. The mission to increase awareness in saving mother nature’s most treasured possession always remains a priority.

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Hammock Gathering 2017

For those who are interested in attending the annual events and looking forward to exploring Lubuk Yu, Malaysia Hammock Fest will take place on 7th to 9th September 2019. Take this chance to get involved in an adventurous trip with a cause! Contact details are as follow.

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Hugs Project by Laili Basir

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